Miami “MiMo” Architecture Tours Saturday

If your impression of the Miami lifestyle is an endless stream of bikini bodies by day and a posh variety of dance clubs by night, we invite you to discover our rich cultural history this Saturday, October 31 during “A Taste of MiMo” between 68 & 77 Streets along Biscayne Boulevard. MiMo is the nickname for Miami Modern Architecture, a quirky design epoch that’s quickly gaining ground with local historic preservationists.

Start the morning at the 55th Street Station in the Soyka restaurant parking lot (5556 NE 4 Court) where the bounty of the fall  harvest awaits you at the Upper East Side Green Market. Once you’ve gathered your fresh veggies, warm bread and cut  flowers, move on to the landmark Vagabond Hotel (7301 Biscayne Boulevard) to join a Historic Walking Tour of Miami Modern Architecture starting at 10:30am.

Tours encompass the newly renovated properties along the Biscayne Corridor where over a dozen new restaurants have opened, creating a thriving local community in our former Red Light District. Guests can spend just over an hour walking along the 10 block area where local guides will point out a variety of architecturally significant examples of the modern movement.

Once the tour is over, “Taste of MiMo” offers a 12-stop tapas tasting tour of participating local restaurants who have crafted a sampling menu of their many splendored cuisines.  Che Soprano, Ver Daddy Taco Shop, Dogma Grill, Moonchine, Red Light, Moshi Moshi,  Metro Bistro, Le Cafe, Uva 69, Casa Toscana, Gourmet Station and Luna Pizza open their doors at noon to host the culinary crawl with most light bites priced under $5. Like Miami Spice Restaurant Month, Taste of MiMo helps local restaurateurs give new visitors a chance to get acquainted with their menus so they might return for a full dinner later in the year. Saturday’s tasting tour will be available from noon to 5pm.

Because the first MiMo event coincides with Halloween this year, local merchants  will also be celebrating MiMoWeen by handing out candy to costumed trick-or -treaters starting at noon. All of the area restaurants on the tasting tour will have sweet treats on hand for kids and so will Starbucks, Rapunzel Salon, Divine Trash, Chop Shop Barber Shop, VN Nails and Soma Lounge. After dark, adults can enjoy the new “Sip of MiMo” where all costumed grownups get a free drink at participating restaurants Red Light, UVA69, Soyka, Le Cafe, and Moonchine.

Shop, tour, taste and toast the bounty of the Biscayne Corridor this weekend!

The Upper East Side Green Market, the Taste of MiMo Tapas Tour, MiMoWeen and the Sip of MiMo all take place this Saturday, October 31 starting at 9am. For more information and a complete list of events and participating vendors, log onto

Taste of MiMo restaurants include Che Soprano 7251 Biscayne Boulevard, Ver Daddy Taco Shop 7501 Biscayne Boulevard, Dogma Grill 7030 Biscayne  Boulevard, Moonchine 7100 Biscayne Boulevard, Red Light  7700 Biscayne Boulevard, Moshi Moshi 7232  Biscayne Boulevard, Metro Bistro 7010 Biscayne Boulevard, Le Cafe 7295 Biscayne Boulevard, Uva 69 6900 Biscayne Boulevard, Casa Toscana 7001 Biscayne Boulevard, Gourmet Station 7601 Biscayne Boulevard and Luna Corner Pizza 6815 Biscayne Boulevard.

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