Burger & Beer Joint’s Texas Hold ‘Em Tourney!

Burger & Beer Joint's Texas Hold 'Em Tourney

Burger & Beer Joint's Texas Hold 'Em Tourney

Mondays can be tough on a guy. There’s that moment upon waking when you try to convince yourself it’s still the weekend, the cold aftershave slap of reality when your boss informs you he came in on Saturday and redid all of your reports and the dread of recognition at lunchtime when you discover you’ve left your wallet in your golf pants …again.

We know JUST how you feel.

Mondays should be fun days and that means burgers, beers, betting and bravado! South Beach’s newest Big Hit restaurant, Burger & Beer Joint is bringing No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em to an already successful Monday Night Football party to show you how 2 great things can go better together. Monday nights at 8:30pm, the dealer flips the first hole cards at the Miami Poker Society’s official B&B tournament game.

For $4 you can buy your way in to a chance to win a whopping $150 bar tab and accumulate points toward a seat at next year’s World Series of Poker final match. Burger & Beer Joint  has the word BEER in it’s name to remind you that the real stakes are 99 bottles of beer on the wall which you can swill all night long if you think it will help develop your strategy.

To add to the distraction, there are buckets of bacon on the menu, perfectly-spiced chicken wings on your plate and juicy burgers from one to TEN pounds making their way past your chip pile. Ten flat screen TVs and a 120-inch monitor will screen Monday Night Football all around the bar and you will STILL be expected to focus upon the flop. We bet you’ll find a way to rise to the challenge…

At Burger & Beer Joint, Mondays are making a turn for the…Bettor!

Burger & Beer Joint is located at 1766 Bay Road on the west side of South Beach. The first card in the Monday Night No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Tourney will be dealt at 8:30pm.