Tantra Miami Beach Club

Tantra Miami Beach Club

Tantra Miami Beach

Named after the ancient Indian philosophy of philosophy of conscious loving, Tantra evokes a sensual experience. The restaurant’s goal is to stimulate each of the five senses.

Upon entering the venue, you’ll notice the inside-meets-outside décor as Tantra boasts grass on its floors and man-made stars on its ceiling. Jasmine-scented candles fill the air with a glorious perfume while new age-style music filters through the speakers.

The fifth sense is stimulated by the international menu and titillating drinks.

Tantra’s bar is a busy scene on several nights of the week, especially Mondays, a must-attend for ladies who need to be treated like royalty. Be sure to taste the martinis, which are delicious and quite the aphrodisiac.

Tantra is located at 1445 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. Phone: 305.672.4765