Nocturnal, located in downtown Miami, is an ultra modern, super-size club offering superior lighting and sound technology against the backdrop of some of the most stunning interior décor in Miami.

The 20,000 square foot venue is broken up into three floors with the main floor on the first level, the VIP lounge and glass-encased lounge on the second and a rooftop terrace on the third level.

Aside from the stellar design of the club, Noctural also goes above and beyond with its DJ selection. Featuring some of the hottest DJs in Miami, you’ll be working up a sweat as you dance to the sounds of DJ Stryke giving it his all when it comes to dance music.

Then check out DJ Craze as he makes some noise with his hip-hop mixing techniques. You’ll be going until the break of dawn and chances are you’ll be back later that night for more.

Nocturnal is located at 50 NE 11th Street, Miami, Florida, 33132. Phone: 877-258-2847.