South Beach

South Beach - the hottest beach in Miami

The hottest beach in Miami is a 15-block stretch between 1st and 15th Street commonly referred to as “South Beach.” It is right across the street from the main Ocean Drive strip which puts it in close proximity to numerous restaurants and more than 30 art deco hotels. This make it easy to take a beach-break for lunch or cocktails.

The beach area around 12th Street is a popular gay hangout, as is the Palace Bar just to the east on Ocean Drive. There’s a heavy European influence in South Beach, so don’t be surprised to see topless women lounging around.

Your best bet for parking is to use one of the City’s public parking garages located at 7th & Collins and 13th & Collins Avenue.

Lummus Park begins at 5th Street and separates Ocean Drive and the beach. Its promenade turns into a boardwalk at 15th Street and it’s a must-do for bikers, joggers, rollerbladers or anyone wishing to take a leisurely stroll. The boardwalk runs way up north past the Fontainebleau and Eden Roc hotels, and it makes for a very scenic walk.