Red, the Steakhouse

Red, The Steakhouse Miami Beach

Red, the Steakhouse in Miami Beach

South Beach’s status as an upscale resort destination owes just as much to the sand, sun and surf as it does the proximity of fine dining restaurants and prime steakhouses. To be fair, there are so many steaks and chops in such a small city it’s tough to be anywhere but in the top tier. While others have not fared well in Miami, Red, the Steakhouse is standing it’s ground, but gets an awful earful from fans of Prime 112, Meat Market and BLT Steak. Like Ohio, Red is somewhere in the middle of things and that’s ultimately it’s biggest challenge. No one has a beef with Ohio but who’s lining up to go there?

In the current economic climate, what separates one restaurant from others in the same category is a standout dish, a dynamic atmosphere or a unique approach to the cuisine. Red is a good restaurant and a reliable spot for USDA prime beef. The atmosphere veers safely away from the woody men’s club model to a more contemporary high-contrast black and red design, Chef Peter Vauthy crafts a decidedly traditional steakhouse menu of steak tartare, shrimp cocktail, wedge, chopped and caesar salads, and then on to the steaks.

If you find yourself at Red and stick to the classic steakhouse script, you’re in for a lovely meal. We like it best weekdays at happy hour (4-7pm) when the pricey cocktails are 2 for 1 and a number of snack-ready apps are just $9 at the bar.

Red, the Steakhouse
119 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL  33139
(305) 534-3688