Pacific Time: Miami Makes a Love Connection

We’re sending a SHOUT OUT to everyone who insists there is no place to meet Mr. Right in Miami. Pacific Time Chef Jonathan Eismann (who is happily married with children), wants to change your life with “About Last Night,” a unique combination of social networking, cocktails and dinner for local singles who attend his weekly High Tech Tuesday Night party in search of a soul mate.

Here’s how it works:

Local Twits and Twitterers and all their Friends on Facebook are invited to bring  their favorite portable communication devices (Blackberries, iPhones and Pres - OH MY!) into the Pacific Time bar Tuesdays at 8pm to feast on free lychee martinis, cosmos and craft beer plus rounds of Brian Bell’s signature small plates and DJ Richie “Boom” Stanley’s sexy beats. A photographer will pass through the mingling crowd snapping head shots to post on Pacific Time’s brand new Facebook Album.

The next morning, everyone logs onto FaceBook (as usual) and checks out all the other guests to see who’s hot and who’s not from the quiet remove of their personal computer. Anyone making a love connection can click on his or her favorites and hook up in the relative safety of cyberspace.

Call it a night of cocktails and beats and mischievous tweets but be sure to BE THERE Tuesday!

Pacific Time (@PTMIAMI) is located at 35 NE 40 Street in Miami’s Design District.

“About Last Night” happens every Tuesday from 8-midnight with one hour of free drinks from 8-9pm and requires an RSVP at 305.864.3434 ext 111