Modern Magic Carpets to Miami Beach

Pilgrims to the Cities of the Sun have a choice of several “magic carpet” modes of travel. If you’re in a hurry you can take off any evening on regularly scheduled airliners from New York or Chicago and fly the entire distance overnight. By rail, it’s only 28 hours from New York to the golden sands of South Beach, 35 hours from Boston and 42 hours from Chicago on through trains with air-conditioned equipment. To the more casual traveler, the delightful sea voyage on crack ocean liners from New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore affords several days and nights of pleasant relaxation. Modern leviathans of the highway whisk you south in a few days. Or its lots of fun motoring down in your car, through changing scenery from winter to summer over broad, smooth highways. Choose your own magic carpet and trade winter for summer in the Cities of the Sun.

Low rate excursions to the Cities of the Sun went into effect early this season, some of them at one-third less than usual travel costs. People have found that they can have a better time here than anywhere else, that there’s always something interesting to enjoy and that it doesn’t put a crimp in your pocketbook to indulge your pastime moods. Foreign resorts are far away and exchange balances are unfavorable. Here, almost overnight, is a wintertime playground of your own, in your own country, with all the gay allurements of foreign resorts, plus the good old comforts of home. Visitors have learned from experience that they can come early and stay late — at an average living cost much lower than a short vacation at the height of the season. Seeing America first is seeing it at its best in the Cities of the Sun.