Miami Beach Shopping Tip is Oprah’s Favorite

Shopping Tip is Oprah's Favorite

Shopping Tip is Oprah's Favorite

South Beach is home to the Sexy Stiletto, the Strappy Sandal and Bare-as-You-Dare Dresses but savvy shoppers know that suffering for fashion can only go so far before it’s time to reach for a little relief and that can only mean FOOTZYROLLS, the new foldable ballet flat that fits in your purse and rolls to the rescue in seconds flat! Ballet flats are a timeless and elegant solution when the Pradas start pinching and the Blahniks are blistering and you just can’t make an untimely exit. Just kick off your heels and feel the immediate relief of the perfect spare pair.

The brainchild of supremely stylish sisters Jenifer and Sarah Caplan (who know all too well the thrill of fashion victory and the agony of sore feet), the girls made more than a few unfashionably early departures from social engagements because their fierce footwear finally got the better of them. If you’re like the Caplans, you know that critical moment on the dance floor or during a long day at work when every step in those “must have” platforms suddenly feel like torture. With FOOTZYROLLS, it’s just a matter of slipping off the Miu Mius and tucking them out of sight so you never miss another step.

FOOTZYROLLS come in fashion colors, hot metallics, basic black and even wedding white so bridesmaids won’t have to sit out the chicken dance. Each pair arrives in a tiny rollaway box with a roomy drawstring pouch to safely store the killer heels until you’ve fully recovered. With a few pairs of FOOTZYROLLS in your fashion arsenal, you’ll be ready to brave the pinchiest pumps and wickedest wedgies with a smile.

FOOTZYROLLS emergency ballet flats are available in S,M, L & XL at