Miami Beach | Islands in the Sun

Host to some 6,000,000 guests annually, Miami Beach attracts vacationers every month of the year from every part of the United States, Canada and Latin America. Here are lodgings for 175,000 visitors in 380 hotels and 2,700 apartment buildings, all within a few minutes of ocean beaches, golf courses, fine shops, restaurants, deep-sea fishing, night clubs and numerous spectators ranging from horse racing to football, depending on the season.

In winter Miami Beach bases its appeal on its sub-tropic climate that permits swimming, tennis and other summer sports. In summer the great attraction is luxury at low cost, although climate also has its appeal in that heat waves in the high 90s are unknown, thanks to cooling sea breezes and surrounding waters. Air conditioning assures comfort in most hotels and places of business and in many apartments.

Miami Beach is built on a series of islands one to three miles off the mainland, with Biscayne Bay separating this city from Miami on the west and the broad, blue Atlantic stretching away eastward. Train and plane passengers disembark on the mainland, arriving here by bus or automobile across one of the four causeways spanning the bay. That the air and rail terminals are across the bay, along with all other industrial activity, pleases the officials of this resort capital devoted completely to the care and comfort of visitors.

This maintains what always is one of the first impressions a stranger receives in Miami Beach—the sparkling cleanliness of the city. Smoke, smog and dust are pleasingly absent, as also are most of the pollens that cause hay fever. Many peoples come here in summer to escape the latter.