Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab

Thank the family behind Joe’s every time you nibble on a stone crab. They were the ones who discovered how tasty these little crustaceans are back in 1921 when they threw a couple crabs into boiling water. Before then, no one thought that stone crabs were edible! The rest is glorious, delicious history, one in which has turned a before un-edible sea creature into one of Florida’s most famous delicacies.

For the past 93 years, no trip to Miami Beach has been complete without a visit to Joe’s Stone Crab. A landmark restaurant literally taking up an entire city block, Joe’s is a true family business, owned and operated by the descendants of the man who first threw the little crab into the boiling water. Despite the restaurants cavernous size, don’t expect getting a table to be an easy feat.

No reservations are accepted, so be prepared to wait for hours during stone crab season for a table. If you aren’t up for the wait, check out “Joe’s To Go” next door, where the signature stone crabs and then some are available without the lines.

Joe’s Stone Crab is located at 11 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone:305.673.0365

Joe’s Takeout: 305.673.4611