BLT Steak Miami Beach

In early March, just a few days shy of Star Chef Laurent Tourondel’s 6th year of mega-watt culinary stardom, he announced a parting of the ways with his financial backers and - to the relief of Miami diners - his decision to continue with the South Beach branch of BLT Steak at the Betsy Hotel.

Ocean Drive dining is considered tacky and touristy but the southern end rocks with the big bucks steakhouse Prime 112 and the northern end belongs to BLT Steak, a quieter newcomer with a devoted foodie clientele. Meals start off with the presentation of steaming popovers, Yorkshire pudding-style buns that are so delicious they arrive with the recipe attached so diners can try to replicate them at home. A mousse of liver accompanies the bread basket and the feast begins long before the first appetizer hits the table.

Steakhouse standards get tweaked and updated as traditional steak tartare is swapped for tuna and the sides, salads and desserts make beautiful music with the prime  beef.

Tourondel’s deft hand makes BLT Steak a standout in a category of dining with lots of competition on South Beach. We’re lucky he decided to stick around.

BLT Steak
1440 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL  33139