The Beach Chronicles at Miami Beach Cinematheque

Miami Beach Cinematheque, Segafredo Espanola Way, and Select Vodka will be hosting the premiere screening of “The Beach Chronicles,” Thursday, September 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the historical Miami Beach Cinematheque Gallery. Guests will enjoy complimentary Select Vodka cocktails while viewing TBC screening. After the screening guests will
make their way over to Segafredo Espanola Way for one-hour complimentary signature mojitos.

The Beach Chronicles is a pulp noir, sci-fi, animated graphic saga in the style of the hard-boiled detective movies of the 40’s and 50’s with an updated twist. Dirk Jenson is a private detective jaded by a life of death, murder and deceit. He lives and works in Miami “South Beach,” a place that produces stars, killers, billionaires and whores. Dirk stands for one and one only, himself.

Featuring the voice talent of Jimmy Jean Louis star of the hit television show “Heroes” and the film “Tears of the Sun” this is the first in the series that weaves intrigue, dynamic animation, story and past, present and future into a tale of the ultimate betrayal. Miami will never be the same.

Segafredo Espanola Way is the only global café with Italian credibility and with over 570 cafés worldwide, offers a multi-sensorial experience reflecting the lifestyle of the quintessential Italian café.

Select Vodka represents the purest in the evolution of a centuries old tradition. Found and celebrated amongst connoisseurs and enjoyed at the finest of happenings.

Miami Beach Cinematheque is the home of the Miami Beach film society and headquarters for the Miami Beach international film festival.