Puerto Sagua Restaurant

Puerto Sagua Restaurant

Puerto Sagua Restaurant on Collins Avenue

Critic's ChoiceIn a dingy looking building on Collins Avenue lies Puerto Sagua, a haven for delicious Cuban cuisine at reasonable prices, served up by Cubans, for Cubans and everyone else who walks through their doors. Start your day out right with one of their amazing Cuban Coladas, a strong coffee made with the perfect blend of espresso, coffee and sugar.

This Cuban masterpiece is served in a small Styrofoam cup with little serving containers so the two-ounces can be shared with everyone who needs a jolt of caffeine to get them going. Be careful—its strong!

After the colada has opened your eyes, sit at the counter with the elders who jabber about politics over their coladas throughout the day, or join the crowds of Miami Beachers who fill the dining room for a taste of the spectacular Crema de Frijoles (black bean soup) and the delicious Ropa Vieja.

Wash it down with a bottle of Hatuey, a classic Cuban beer, and be satisfied knowing that you have just experienced one of the true tastes of Miami.

Puerto Sagua is located at 700 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.673.1115