Is Opium Group Returning to the New York Club Scene?

Rumblings are now being heard concerning the Opium Group’s next attempt at the New York club scene. Blackbook’s nightlife maven, Steve Lewis is reporting that OG is contemplating bringing a “Louis bar-lounge to Soho.”

Scott Solish picks the story up at saying that “A nightlife insider told Eater that while company principal Roman Jones has been seen taking meetings in New York recently, they had not heard any pending plans for a new venue in New York.”

Normally we wouldn’t bother repeating one-off comments such as this, but Steve’s nightlife intel has been remarkably consistent and accurate, and as we all know, there is nothing more accurate than a tip from the proverbial “nightlife insider.” So, we’ll let you decide for yourself if OG is taking another shot at the Naked City.

It certainly wouldn’t surprise us.