News Café

News Cafe

News Cafe on Ocean Drive

Back in 1988, News Café opened as a simple sidewalks café and newsstand, offering locals a casual cornerstone for good food in an unpretentious setting. As Miami Beach grew into the hotspot it is today, so did News Café, expanding its seating, menu and newsstands to become a large conglomerate on Ocean Drive.

Now open 24-hours a day, News Café’s tables are always packed with locals and tourists looking for a good bite in a great location (although, as the rumors go, the service tends to be sub-par). Not to worry though, while you are waiting for your food, head up to the expanded newsstand and store, which is proud to feature almost every magazine and publication available in Miami.

The menu features some great eggs, salads and burgers, as well as some Middle Eastern favorites including hummus, babaganoush and stuffed grape leaves at reasonable prices. Being that there are only a few places to get a full meal come 4am, News Café is a sure bet if hunger strikes in the middle of the night.

News Café is located at 800 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.538.6397