Hosteria Romana Italian

Hosteria Romana Italian

Hosteria Romana Italian on Espanola Way

A boisterous rendition of an Italian song breaks out, and waiters scurry to beat on the drum by the door. There is yelling and screaming, all in good cheer, as a man dressed as a Trojan warrior walks amongst the buzzing crowd, welcoming all to Hosteria Romana.

Owner Marco Efrati also mingles amongst the crowd, a smile on his face that brings a matching smile to his many patrons. This scene repeats itself night after night at the Italian masterpiece situated right in the middle of charming Espanola Way.

The all-Italian waitstaff have a special way of ensuring all of their customers are having the time of their lives while dining at this romantic and bustling restaurant, while the kitchen staff—headed up by Chef Gina Efrati, Marco’s wife—ensures that the meal is going to be as memorable as the experience.

Typical home-cooked Roman dishes flow from the kitchen and out to the tables which line the sidewalk on Espanola, which is a pedestrian-only street come night fall. The rustic interior has empty bottles of wine and cured meats hanging from the ceiling, giving the restaurant an authentic Italian feel, leaving all who dine there understanding why their slogan is “Hosteria Romana: Where Italians go for Italian!”

Hosteria Romana has two locations: 429 Espanola Way and 1230 Ocean Drive, in Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.532.4299 & 305.672.7878