China Grill Miami Beach Restaurant

China Grill Miami

China Grill Miami

If you are looking for that über-fabulous experience that Miami Beach is known for, head straight to China Grill. In the beautiful color-changing tower on Fifth Street lies a culinary masterpiece, which has been packing in chic clientele since they opened their doors.

The China Grill Management team, which heads up over eleven of the country’s hottest restaurants, has outdone itself with this flagship location located in the heart of Miami Beach. The Pan-Asian cuisine is served in portions that are meant to be shared, leading to an intimate dining experience, despite the cavernous and lively 390-seat interior. Whatever you order, be sure to accompany it with the Crispy Spinach, a taste sensation like no other.

The restaurant is always packed with the beautiful people South Beach is known for, so be sure to dress the part, look your best, and bring your wallet, cause it tends to get a little pricey.

Be sure to try one of the specialty Saki-tini’s; they will get your blood flowing and prepare you for all that South Beach has to offer.

China Grill is located at 404 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139. Phone: 305.532.2211