Barton G Restaurant

Barton G

Barton G Restaurant on West Avenue

Critic's ChoiceBarton G made a name for himself in catering and event planning, then took that knowledge of how to throw an inspired bash and put it to good use with a signature restaurant in Miami Beach.

Located on the high-rise residential side of town, Barton G restaurant is a trip into the extraordinary. The sophisticated décor makes for the perfect setting of a wonderful dining experience that attracts Miami Beach locals and world-renowned celebrities alike. Guests can choose to sit in the posh interior or outside in a lush orchid garden while dining on the contemporary flavors.

Begin your culinary adventure with their signature drink– The Sabrinatini: Absolut Mandarin, Watermelon Pucker and Champagne, rimmed with dark chocolate and adorned with a chocolate chimp. Whet your appetite with Hoppin’ Hop Hoppers (fried frog legs served buffalo style), and continue the meal with The “BG” Sea-Monster (2lb Australian lobster) or the Kobe chopped steak.

After dinner, try the Big Top Cotton Candy or the Make-Your-Own Shakes to complete the one-of-a-kind dining escapade. Every dish is presented in a unique and flamboyant fashion, which makes for an even more stunning experience.

Barton G is located at 1427 West Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Phone: 305.672.8881